Dave Adamson

Dave Adamson is an Australian pastor, photographer, author, content creator, YouTuber, and wanna-be rockstar living in Atlanta. After spending a decade as TV reporter on one of Australia’s top sports networks, Dave is now the social media pastor at North Point Ministries in Atlanta, and has developed a clear, relevant communication style that has allowed him to partner with churches across the US and around the world, reach hundreds of thousands of people on his YouTube channel each month, and 40,000 on his Instagram account every day. Dave specializes in teaching churches how to leverage technology to engage and connect with the next generation, and communicating the cultural context of the Bible—a topic he has covered in two books; ‘Chasing The Light’, and ’52 Hebrew Words Every Christian Should Know’.

In his spare time, Dave likes to spend time with his wife Meg and three daughters, Chelsea, Ella and Jordyn, watch movies, collect camera backpacks, write personal bios, continue his search for the perfect cup of coffee, and write YouVersion reading plans that have been completed by more than half a million people.