Based out of Port City Community Church in Wilmington NC, Bellamy was formed by a group of songwriters and musicians with a shared passion for worship in an effort to serve beyond the walls of their church. Their heart is to not only pour into their local community, but to reach people and help them enter into worship across the world. Led by vocalist/guitarist Bryan Davis, Bellamy strives to create a distraction free environment for people to encounter God.

Bellamy is (but is not limited to):

Bryan Davis – Vocals, Guitars
Brooks Joyce – Guitars, Programming
Christian Black – Drums
Ed Sumpter – Bass



“My first experience with Bellamy completely blew me away. Every experience since has been no different. They lead from a burning passion for Jesus. They take their craft very seriously and are incredibly gifted. They lead in a way that draws others to experience Jesus while they disappear. What I think sets them apart is just how connected and accountable they are to each other and their local church. I love Brooks, Ed and Bryan like my own brothers. You will too.”